Catherine Gracey

How To Get Involved

Would you like to be interviewed on this website? Great! Applications are straight forward, because not enough in life is simple.

The criteria for being interviewed are as follows:

  • You must be working in an artistic field. This could be writing, acting, music, photography, graphic design, or an art form that not many people have ever heard of before.
  • You must not be a deliberate one hit wonder. Emerging is fine because I love to support new talent, but I do not have space available for people who have no intention of ever producing something in that area again.

Fit the bill? Then please introduce yourself to me with the following information:

  • The name that you use professionally (ie the one fans know you by);
  • Your nationality and where you are based (for tagging & introductory purposes);
  • The profession/s that your fans know you by;
  • The work that you are known (or would like to be known) for;
  • Something about yourself that people might be interested in;
  • Details on where people can contact you or find your work; and
  • Your bio.

I use this information to write introductory passages for all of my interviewees, so please err on the side of too much information.

There are a few easy ways to contact me. You can either email me at catherine[at]catherinegracey[dot]com or contact me via private message through my Facebook page.

Please note: interview requests posted in the comments of actual interviews will be deleted out of respect for the person who has been interviewed.


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